OculusQuestオススメ無料ゲーム&アプリユーザーレビューランキング 2021年5月版


OculusQuestオススメ無料ゲーム&アプリユーザーレビューランキング 2021年5月版って動画が話題らしい






このランキングは、VR専門のWebメディアであるRoad to VRのデータを元に作成しました。


0:00 オープニング 1:00 20位 Facebook Horizon 1:34 19位 Bait! 2:05 18位 Mission: ISS 2:41 17位 Sphere Toon - VR漫画 3:12 16位 Immersed 3:42 15位 ecosphere 4:08 14位 The Under Presents 4:35 13位 Quill Theater 5:04 12位 Bogo 5:25 11位 Kizuna AI - Touch the Beat! 5:53 10位 Supernatural 6:24 9位 Dear Angelica 6:52 8位 Gravity Sketch 7:22 7位 Rec Room 7:51 6位 NOTES ON BLINDNESS 8:20 5位 Home After War 8:45 4位 Anne Frank House VR 9:26 3位 Echo VR 10:01 2位 Oculus First Contact 10:26 1位 はじめてのQuest 10:56 エンディング 20位 Facebook Horizon
Facebook Horizon (Invite-only Beta) on Oculus Quest
Facebook Horizon is a social experience where you can explore, play and create. In Horizon, you’re not just a visitor. You're part of what makes it great. Face...
19位 Bait!
Bait! on Oculus Quest
Join the more than 3 million players who already enjoy Bait! “Bait! is one of those pleasant games for everyone.” - VRScout You’re invited to Bait! Island to...
18位 Mission: ISS
Mission: ISS on Oculus Quest
Take a spacewalk and explore the International Space Station in this Emmy-nominated simulation. Gamepad not supported.
17位 Sphere Toon - VR漫画
Sphere Toon - VR Comic on Oculus Quest
The Best VR Comic App
16位 Immersed
Immersed on Oculus Quest
VR Offices! Free app to get your Mac/PC/Linux screens in VR (including additional virtual screens with no extra hardware) in stunning virtual worlds! Immersed D...
15位 ecosphere
ecosphere on Oculus Quest
Discover even more intimate journeys into Kenya, Borneo and Raja Ampat. Updated content available in the app now! UploadVR: “Get ready for a VR safari” Best 36...
14位 The Under Presents
The Under Presents on Oculus Quest
From the creators of “Virtual Virtual Reality” - Welcome to the Under! A time and mind bending adventure. **Now with FREE DEMO: over 30 minutes of single playe...
13位 Quill Theater
Quill Theater on Oculus Quest
Step into wonderful VR stories, hand painted and animated in VR with Quill. These VR stories not only let you view a painting on a wall, but transport you into ...
12位 Bogo
Bogo on Oculus Quest
Come play with Bogo, your very own virtual pet!
11位 Kizuna AI - Touch the Beat!
Kizuna AI - Touch the Beat! on Oculus Quest
Watch Kizuna AI's stage performance and cheer her on from the front row seat and use the penlight to hit back the beat flying towards you. The better you play, ...
10位 Supernatural
Supernatural on Oculus Quest
Winner: TIME’s Best Fitness Invention 2020 “My primary form of exercise” -NY Times “ makes torching calories fun” -Men’s Journal “The mental health benefits ...
9位 Dear Angelica
Dear Angelica on Oculus Quest
From Emmy Award winning Oculus Story Studio comes Dear Angelica, a journey through the magical and dreamlike ways we remember our loved ones. Entirely painted b...
8位 Gravity Sketch
Gravity Sketch on Oculus Quest
Preserve your design intent through the creative process! Communicate ideas in 3D at each stage, capture work as an image or model to use in other phases of you...
7位 Rec Room
Rec Room on Oculus Quest
Rec Room is the best place to build and play games together. Party up with friends from all around the world to chat, hang out, explore MILLIONS of player-creat...
The multi-awarded narrative VR experience is now available on Oculus Quest. ARTE gives you the opportunity to discover and rediscover Notes On Blindness, an emo...
5位 Home After War
Home After War on Oculus Quest
What if your home becomes the place you fear? An Iraqi father returns to Fallujah to face the threat of improvised explosive devices (IEDs). Through this virtua...
4位 Anne Frank House VR
Anne Frank House VR on Oculus Quest
Experience the world-famous “Secret Annex” of the Anne Frank House in a never before seen way. Travel back to the years of the Second World War and wander throu...
3位 Echo VR
Echo VR on Oculus Quest
Season 2 of Echo Pass is now open! Earn new Echo Points to unlock exciting rewards. Experience the freedom of zero-g movement and high energy competition in Ec...
2位 Oculus First Contact
Oculus First Contact on Oculus Quest
First Contact is an official Oculus experience built for Oculus Quest. Experience the magic of ‘presence’ in VR, exploring moments that feel as real as they are...
1位 はじめてのQuest
First Steps on Oculus Quest
Take your first steps in VR and get to know your controllers in this short experience that showcases the power of Oculus.
↓Oculus QUEST2↓
このチャンネルではVRに関する動画を中心にアップしていきます。 よかったらコメントとチャンネル登録、高評価もしていただたらうれしいです! ↓チャンネル登録はこちらからもできます↓
アリマックスのVR / Arimax VR
元VRメディアのライターであるアラフォーおじさんアリマックスが、VRを始めたいと思っている方や興味がある方に向けて、OculusQuest2のゲームレビューやVRに関するニュースなどを中心に発信していくチャンネルです。 より多くの方にVRの魅力をお伝えしたいと思っております! もしよろしければチャンネル登録と高評価し...
SNSのフォローもよかったらよろしくお願いいたします! Twitter アリマックス:https://twitter.com/chesmin2009 ↓おすすめ動画↓ Yupitergradレビュー!斬新かつ爽快なアクションがOculusQuest2で楽しめる!
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PlayStation VR 2 最新情報 発売日は?新しいコントローラー?
「Racket Nx」レビュー【OculusQuest2】
Oculus QUEST2(オキュラスクエスト2)開封レビュー!
よかったらコメントとチャンネル登録、高評価もしていただたらうれしいです! #OculusQuest #ランキング #ゲーム


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