【hololive/7NEW SONG】今週一番聴かれた曲は?ホロライブ歌みた週間ランキング50 most viewed cover song this week


I opened Twitter & Marshmallows for announcements and various things!

 (It is a ranking of only the cover songs. original songs or songs from the official album are not included)
#ホロライブ​ #歌ってみた​ #ホロ歌​


・チューリングラブ /Cover 湊あくあ/猫又おかゆ【ホロライブ】

・【COVER】狂乱 Hey Kids!! (Kyouran Hey Kids!!) – Kureiji Ollie

・【HACHI】光の向こうへ / AZKi【歌ってみた】

・ヴァンパイア – 尾丸ポルカ(cover)

・キュートなカノジョ / 猫又おかゆ( cover


  1. This week is truly a certified banger

  2. This week is truly amazing, we got a lot of songs lately. Ayunda Risu and Reine cover, PekoMoon Cover, Flare kaibutsu, Roboco cover, IRyS SSS cover, Suisei new MV, Ina violet, and Ayame’s cover after break

    • Golden Holoweek…

    • @Kurisu •くりす it is just when you read it as a comment to this video makes it seems like you were referring to what is in the video and not the one for next week’s

    • @Anders Hass Ohh, sorry i’m not fluent in english

    • And shion cover

    • @Caro Ch. 卡羅 that is in the video, OP is talking about the new ones coming next week’s video

  3. To be honest, Shion cover song earworms me
    That funky art and amazing voice was really spectacular

    • For me shion has the best vampire cover

    • @A! it’s my opinion so… don’t mind it

    • @yareyaredaze712 for me it’s all of her covers

  4. The 7 new cover songs:
    AZKi (48):

    Kanata (14):

    IRyS (8):

    Marine (6):

    Shion (3):

    Suisei (2):

    Calli (1):

    Remember it has to be song released that week (or bit before since they might been skipped in previous week, just like the ones released at the end of this week probably also be skipped to next week’s)

    • thanks

  5. The editing is still balls to the wall stupendous. Lots of debuts today and especially next week with all the upcoming anniversary and birthdays.

  6. with saga jihen out of top 10… this week has more bangers than i expected

  7. My lame ass is so damn proud for our Mio-mama’ Sparkle cover still firmly holding 15th position. Sasuga from one of the best singers in Hololive.

    • Trueeee, it’s been so long and she’s still inside top 20

    • I thought it would drop this week, but instead Pekora and Aqua took the hit lol. Next week is going to be a true test.

    • I believe there are a lot of people listening to it that aren’t even into hololive. It’s a fantastic cover

    • That cover definitely made hololive history

  8. 17:42 Madman pushed back “This Week Pickup” so we could witness that absolute beauty of transition. Love it!

    • People in chat were confused and asking where is 10 after the weekly pick up lol

    • @Bonzo & KK and lads that’s how you know your transition was smooth

  9. Funny that Getcha got dethorned, but top 2 still owns by the Deathstar

  10. I would like if Moona’s after party JP songs karaoke to be in weekly highlights. Esp the most recent one. Perfection I say. She sang Ghost and Palette and others.

  11. List of every member that appears more than twice (not counting Ochame Kinou, Weekly Highlight, and Weekly Pickup) and their respective ranks:

    Suisei: 7 songs (#42; #35; #28; #13; #12; #4; #2)
    Okayu: 6 songs (#50; #46; #41; #31; #25 #20)
    Matsuri: 5 songs (#44; #43; #33; #32; #30)
    Calli: 4 songs (#29; #7; #4; #1)
    Kanata: 4 songs (#42; #37; #34; #14)
    Aqua: 4 songs (#50; #21; #17; #16)
    Marine: 3 songs (#42; #12; #6)
    Rushia: 3 songs (#24; #12; #10)

    Polka out, Marine in, for this week. These 8 members account for 62 percent (31/50) of the list this week, slightly dropping from last week figure at 66 percent.
    Also, 65 percent (13/20) of the top 20 ranks are occupied by these 8 members, falling from 70 percent last week.
    Not counting Ochame Kinou, there are 29 members whose songs made the list this week (last week: 28).

    See you next week!

    • I wonder if you use excel to do your calculations or you do them manually

    • @Titan Satria not trying to start a war, but with Suisei having almost all of her cover songs on the list, I don’t think that’s possible

    • @Boo i’m just hoping tho, rather it will happen or not i’m still listen to her covers regularly, just like polka covers even after she leave the “domination list” i’m still play her covers a lot

    • For next week it seems almost certain that Ayame and Pekora will be joining this list, given that Ayame’s King cover will likely hold on, while the others (Goodbye Sengan, Saga Jihen, and Discommunication Alien) are locks to stay in the charts. Reine has an outside chance, but keeping Ai Dee in the charts may be difficult with 2 new covers out to divide views. Meanwhile, those currently in the charts should be safe, as the only one at risk is Marine, but Alice in NY has been a staple for a long time.

    • I’m a time traveller from a week later.

      Pekora: 3 songs (#17; #12; #1)

  12. カリオペさんの歌聞くと思うけど、日本語で歌ってくれるのもうれしいけど、英語バージョンもめちゃめちゃいいな。

    • 日本語版より歌詞覚えてるもん笑

  13. This week is full of bangers! Seeing KING and Saga Jihen by Suisei sitting out of top 10 tells you this week’s songs is really good! Not even counting some of the recently released cover. Next week will be intense!

    Ojou still manage to achieve 400k viewers despite it’s already 2 months since the release. Even didn’t lose her top 5 spot ever since starting to appear in this list! (Forget to add. Weekly highlight for this week is just facts.)

    Edit : Looks like Ojou just dropped another cover song, and it’s really great!! She covers Hana no Bourei, don’t just read here. Go listen to it!

    • Just like what I said before before , it’s too OP

  14. Remember when we’d get maybe 1-2 new songs each week? The output from Hololive these last few months has been absolutely crazy, and they show no signs of stopping! If anything, they’re just getting wilder! And I absolutely love it!

  15. Man I’m so glad Getcha is getting the support it deserves, it’s an absolute banger. #1 non-new cover this week!!